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Coaching Roadmap (how we work together): 

  1. Contact me and summarize your opportunity, issue, challenge or problem(s).
  2. Together we will plan a course of action such as number of sessions and frequency, keeping in mind your ultimate goals for your topic(s).
  3. Next we schedule our phone appointments and you’ll make a payment for the sessions.
  4. Our coaching sessions begin and I regularly checking in with you to ensure we are on track with your needs.
  5. We finish the scheduled coaching sessions and decide to continue coaching or take a break until possibly a later time with another main topic.

Your Wheel of Life: 

This tool raises awareness and self examination allows you to plan a life that is more satisfying. Use this tool to help clarify priorities for the purpose of goal-setting.


Considering being trained as a Christian Coach?: 

What happens when a person works with a coach? We often talk about those who are coached reaching their goals, moving forward, or making progress. The way they make progress is by figuring out where they want to go, what it will take to get there, and then finding the motivation and commitment to do what it takes.

Western Seminary Christian Coach Training
We offer world-class training. Our CTC program is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Approved Coach Training Program (ACTP) — a designation of quality and credibility in the coaching world.

Coach Approach Ministries Coach Training
You want to join God in changing the world, and we’re here to help. We teach you the skill set of coaching so you can coach pretty much anyone on any topic: transition, leadership, career, faith formation, or whatever coaching niche you can imagine.

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