About Me

2017-07-14 08.40.50We all want to be our best.

And, our true desire is to make big contributions in life whether it’s with our family, spouse, circles of influence, career, serving or volunteering.

We want to thrive and have a sense of being “in control” but at times it feels like it’s not even possible. It’s real, it’s messy and it’s a struggle.

I’ve been there many times. And, I expect to feel that way again. But, our feelings don’t have to dictate our lives.

A turnaround came for me when I discovered the gift of coaching. As the person being coached, I learned how to best choose my priorities and make progress with the things that mattered most to me. Coaching is different from counseling, mentoring or any of the other ways I’ve attempted to improve the quality of my life. Through coaching, I have a new perspective and some new tools that truly help.

My initial intention in pursuing coaching certification at Western Seminary was to help others and along the way I discovered it’s uniqueness and I ended up becoming transformed myself.

Can I help you re-discover a sense of balance and accomplishment in the midst of both the wonderful opportunities and the natural uncertainty in life? I’d love to hear from you.

Contact me and together, we’ll Choose to Pause and make progress with what matter most to you, too.

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